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Seminars, Classes & Private Instruction


We love what we do and hope to share what we have learned through many years of experience, extensive seminars, classes and formal education. 

In 2015 we started a small Facebook™ group "The Walking Photography Class" featuring photo walks through out the city of Fort Worth, Texas helping others achieve their goals in photography. 

Response to our classes is outstanding and we love teaching.  

We teach classes and private instruction at our office and studio located just off Loop 820 North and Main Street.  730 S. Saginaw, Blvd., Fort Worth, Texas ( Saginaw)

Classes & Seminars: 

Intro to Photography - understanding the basics and how to get what you see into your camera

Photoshop 101 - an introductory class to learning Adobe™ Photoshop®

Photography 101 - for the beginner who has a basic knowledge of the fundamentals of Photography and wants to improve his/her vision by the use of composition and camera controls (* basic knowledge required or Intro to Photography)

Photography 201 - Advanced class to further explore art composition, creating special effects, black and whites

Lightroom™ 101 - An entry level class on how to use Adobe™ Lightroom to enhance your photography skills

Photoshop™ 201 - Learning more about how to use Layers and some great tools!

Macro Photography

How to take Great Portraits

Photographing Animals

Light Painting

Using External Flash to Enhance Your Photos

Black and White Photography in the Digital Age

Pet Photography

Home Studios I & II

Starting a Photography Business

Food Photography


The Walking Photography Class:

This is a hands on discovery series with photographers standing by to guide you and answer questions about your photography.  Helping you gather real time information on how to become the photographer YOU want to be. 


Malinda Julien

Charles Lambert

Jon Lambert

Jon Julien


Private Instruction: 

If you would prefer a one on one mentoring - we can offer any level of assistance you need!

Running your Photography Business

Calibrating your Camera to Screen to Printer

Mac from PC - Get familiar with your new Mac!

If you need a private mentor - contact us - at your location or ours!


Classes are from $35 to $250

Visit our 2016 Calendar to plan YOUR classes!

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