Julien & Lambert Photo | Events FAQ

Welcome to our Events Services! 

Our photographers have covered hundreds of events held in all types of venues.  We have up to 6 photographers available to cover all aspects of your event. 

We serve Corporate Events and Private Events. Large Events or small events.   Inside or outdoors.

Services include: 

  • Complete Event Coverage
  • Portrait and/or Formal Photo Set up
    • online purchasing
    • no sitting fee
    • custom logo or event name on each photograph
    • digital versions and prints available
  • Awards and Presentations
  • web-ready images for your websites or publications
  • custom web page for viewing and purchasing
  • links to your site

Whether you are hosting a large event covering several days or a one night presentation or party, our photographers are the professionals you need.  Don't settle for cell phone photos or ask members of the event to spend their time working instead of enjoying..... hire us.  

We will be discreet and quiet, gathering images of your entire event.  

Contact us for fees and contracts.  We can't wait to become a part of all of your events!