Julien & Lambert Photo | FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you are on this page, you have a question or two. Please feel free to contact us if we may be of service. 

This page is for those of you who may be looking after hours or while we are gone from our office and need a quick answer. 

I am outlining the most common questions we get with answers we'd offer. 

Q1.) How do I know which digital purchase I need? There are so many options? 

A1.)  In order to offer you just what you need and nothing more, we do have a number of options.  I'll go over them here:

First, decide - do you need editing or is the image fine the way it is? 

If the image is great just the way it is - choose "Downloads" and the size / purpose you need.

If the image needs some editing - Choose "Other Products" and the Edited size / purpose you need.

Q2) I need this image NOW! Ordering against a deadline? After hours?

A2) Choose the "downloads" and the size / purpose you need.  You will receive a receipt to the email address you logged in and checked out with.  In that receipt will be "DOWNLOAD PAGE".  Follow the link and get your digital files immediately.

If you need EDITING - these have to come to our office to one of our editors and will be returned to you usually within 48 hours (M-F 9 to 5pm CST)

Q3) Which LICENSE for digital do I need? 

A3) Licensing is to allow you to get the amount of use you need for each image.  We don't want you to pay for a full release if all you need is a simple web based image for a website or social media.  Thusly, if you need a full release of all rights (Royalty free) we want to ensure you have that. 

here are the basic licensing types:

Licensing Types
Web Resolution Only
No print
Royalty Free High Res Print Only High Res Personal use
<1MB optimized for Websites, Social Media
and emails only - not suitable or licensed
for printing

High Resolution images ( JPEG) with all rights released. Our copyright may or may not be on the image ( depending)

All rights are released to the purchaser to print, use as digital media

*We do retain the right to use the image for portfolio or prints

This is for PRINT use only.
Catalogues, Brochures, etc with runs >100,000

If you are printing more than
100,000, please contact us for pricing

This image is for Personal Use only - may not be used in any Commercial capacity

Q4) I didn't receive a receipt via email? What do I do?

A4) There could be a couple of reasons why you don't have your receipt.  

       a) you gave a different email address than you are checking. Be sure and check the email address you log in with and check out with.  If you find you have made a mistake and entered an invalid email address, please contact us.
       b) The receipt may have gone to spam or trash.  Please check your trash / spam / junk files for "zenfolio" or "Julien & Lambert Photographic Services"  

if you can not locate it at all - please visit our website for "contact us" and we'll get to you as quickly as possible.

Q5) How long does it take to get an edited version?

A5) usually we have an editor on stand by and can get to you within a couple of hours of  your request.  Depending on our availability and the difficulty of your edit request, most edits for commercial work are performed within 48 hours.  If you have a special situation, please contact us ( additional fees may apply)

Q6) I ordered the wrong photo - I wanted a different one - now what?

A6) Due to the nature of digital downloads - if you purchased a digital that is downloaded - this can't be returned, so you will just have to order the correct one. 

However, if you have NOT downloaded the image yet and spot the mistake quickly - usually we can get that order changed for you. 

Please be prepared with the image number of the correct image.  Just contact us